DiffFeed controls

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Fri Sep 2 23:54:30 EDT 2011

C wrote:
> I have updated the docs and have started to work on the control bits of the 
> diff feed. Maybe you could pull and have a look Mike? Have also a look at 
> http://whiletaker.homeip.net:8080/voff/xf/#c=DDum to see it running.

I didn't see the earlier version.  You mention in #votorola that you
changed it to a drop list.

External links in a drop list are unusual.  Then again, it's often a
useful approach if there are many links/controls, or if they are
unimportant and you don't want them cluttering the toolbar.  But these
are just two links, and both are useful.

What about icon links?  A forum icon, and a diff bridge icon with the
usual "monkey finger" cursor for each.

> Does the title of the message makes sense? I'd like to avoid to show generic
> entries like "open forum post" in the controls, but the title might not be 
> obvious. It changes with the selection though and should be quickly 
> recognizable, it has no fixed size, but I guess the title directly is not what 
> we really want, so I have just left it for now. I can use a drop box and add 
> entries to open the diff-url as well.

(as mentioned, I would leave out the drop box for now)

> How is the scoping of the appropriate poll in the votespace going to happen? 
> Should that be settable by the diff feed, too?

I don't know, yet.  It hasn't surfaced as a problem, and it doesn't
sound worrisome.  I would wait on it.

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

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