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conseo 4consensus at web.de
Fri Sep 2 05:01:40 EDT 2011


I have updated the docs and have started to work on the control bits of the 
diff feed. Maybe you could pull and have a look Mike? Have also a look at 
http://whiletaker.homeip.net:8080/voff/xf/#c=DDum to see it running.
Does the title of the message makes sense? I'd like to avoid to show generic
entries like "open forum post" in the controls, but the title might not be 
obvious. It changes with the selection though and should be quickly 
recognizable, it has no fixed size, but I guess the title directly is not what 
we really want, so I have just left it for now. I can use a drop box and add 
entries to open the diff-url as well. 
How is the scoping of the appropriate poll in the votespace going to happen? 
Should that be settable by the diff feed, too?

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