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I have started joining Mike in the resource management work and am atm. trying 
to figure out how to visualise progress in the TrackStack. (1)
I have collected some ideas about horizontal progress bars (2), nothing too 
fancy, but you get an idea quickly. We have two scenarios atm.:

1) No account is selected. Only a SuperAccount (like US$, Votes, 
"MillingMachine labour hours", is selected). This means we cannot show a 
target defined in one of the positions. The progress bars from (2) don't fit 
that very well, since there is no global target to match. Yet we can for 
example define the global poll target by having a look at the official 
registry it is defined for. If you take a local registry, like a school yard, 
then it would match the total number of votes against the total number of 
possible voters. Btw. Ed, we do have a way to map official registries. Since 
we allow mirroring and forking, we can even have different divisions for 
different voteserver instances, sharing the same registry (if I understand 
Mike correctly). See (3)
Another possible alternative would be the average or median of all or some 
defined targets for this account, which would show a general trend for this 
resource (yet this is might to be mechanic if targets differ too much).
We could also show something like a distribution of the votes, but this does 
not match the progress view and will confuse users.
Any ideas?

2) The simpler scenario, an account is selected (Mike is currently designing 
the model for that), and we therefore know the target definition for this 
account in this position (even if the account is defined in some delegate's 
position). We can then show a simple progress bar as mentioned in (2).
We will define the target as an optional property of each account btw.

Let the ideas float in :-)

(1) Atm. you see "[Resource tracks are stacked here]" in this view, have a 
look at this Crossforum view for example:!p!sandbox

(2) The count itself would be 
redundant at least when shown with Votespace, so you can leave that out.

(3) Mike is officially registered in a school yard:
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