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Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Thu Oct 20 08:50:47 EDT 2011

Well, I realized, that even if the name-thing was possible, that there 
is another hook: all the settings, the menue on the left, etc. are going 
to be unchangeable for these organizations. Which makes it quite a bit 
less attractive to them, I guess. I have to check this out first.


schrieb Michael Allan:
> I like this idea, Thomas.  It's currently a high priority for me when
> I return to Votorola full time, which I think will be sooner rather
> than later.  The most I can do in the meantime however is an estimate
> of feasibility, I cannot actually implement it.  I would rather wait a
> few weeks and do it all at once (if feasible).  Could you wait that
> long?  Or do you need an estimate now?
> Mike
> Michael Allan wrote:
>> C's mention of Apache suggests a possible approach.  If there's
>> something in Apache httpd that can force a subpath (wiki area) onto a
>> custom domain name, maybe by redirection (e.g. 301 or 303), then it
>> might work cleanly.  Even if the request used the standard name, the
>> response (e.g. in address bar) would use the custom name.
>> I don't know if such is available (or how it would play with
>> MediaWiki), but I'll look into it shortly.  It could be useful in
>> relieving pressure to set up separate pollwikis, which is something we
>> don't want to support yet, for tech reasons.
>> -- 
>> Michael Allan
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>> conseo wrote:
>>> Thomas von der Elbe wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>> Hey T,
>>>> does anyone know, if it is easily possible to run a part of a mediawiki
>>>> under a different url? So a certain organization could have its own
>>>> space there, reachable under their url-name?
>>> I have posted to #votorola about this already. http://tomthe.rocketcat.info/
>>> (1) is (sub)domain which points to Mike's IP. He might be able to configure
>>> Apache so that it automatically resolves to a subpath of the Wiki. But as he
>>> said, I am curious how far that will work out.
>>> c
>>> (1) afraid.org is pretty good dyndns service with wildcard support. The other
>>> ones have turned to profits badly, so if you like to define a different
>>> (sub)domain name for you, feel free to set it up. Recordtype A, IP of Mike is:
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