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Sun Oct 9 14:01:20 EDT 2011

Alex wrote:
> @Thomas
> I did not think about showing points in time where money or votes is
> beeing removed. I would just remove the avatar, amount and point in
> time where the original donation took place. If someone cares about
> people that removed their votes/money, he could click on details
> somewhere to see a history log of such activities.
> What kind of different tracks are u talking about?

For specific resource types there is possible other stuff to visualize. 
Imagine a resource which is counted differently than a quantitive summation, 
like for example extent. You can show how much each forum is covered by each 
position, counting the differences which are discussed there. This would add 
another bar, showing the forums with most coverage and on mouse over another 
line which shows the fraction of coverage an voter (activist) has compared to 
the whole position. 
@Alex Think about a vote tree with shifts, happening especially often on the 
lower levels. The position's end-candidates therefore win or lose in time and 
not only when they personally pledge something.
Thanks for your mockup btw., it visualized very clearly what you meant. I 
think that there is maybe something better than as a meter for the history 
bar, but I might be wrong. Do you have an idea of how to make the 
time/historical aspect clearer? I am not talking about emblems, icons or 
colors yet, just the meter.


> 2011/10/9 Thomas von der Elbe <ThomasvonderElbe at>:
> > Hey,
> > 
> > I like the slim one better, but maybe because my resolution on my screen
> > is very low. I like the yellow better and also the simplified space bar
> > in the first track and opposite arrow directions in the other track.
> > 
> > @ Alex, the second track shows the timeline and at which point a
> > contribution (vote or money) was made or was taken back. There could be
> > even more different tracks.
> > 
> > T
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