TrackStack mockup help request

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at
Sat Oct 8 03:40:34 EDT 2011

Hey Conseo,

On Sat, 08 Oct 2011 7:11, conseo wrote:
 > 2g.xht shows the old 2b layout which focused on arrow and segments. All
 > separators are now arrows.

I like that a lot! It makes the aim (reaching the right end of the 
screen) very clear now, i.e. clear enough imo.

 > I have transferred Alex finish flag idea into a "speed bar" pointing 
to the target.

After the above I don't even find this necesarry anymore. Maybe a darker 
and yet empty background is enough here? Or the line of dots like in 2f.xht?

 > The second line shows a timeline being blend in and ETA.

Wow, so many things are possible here!
Though I must say, I don't see the timeline as a priority for now. Isn't it?

 > 2g.m1.xht shows a mouse-over effect over one of the segments. It draws
 > connectors between the two one dimensional graphs (TrackStacks). A 
 > color should be added I think.

Yes, I like that a lot too. Also I tried to contact that girl, but no 
reply yet. ;-)
With the mouse-over effect we save the space which in Alex' version 
would be permanently gone, which is good. But I feel, we need to watch 
out, where else we are going to use that effect, because sometimes there 
are pages, where it's almost impossible to rest your mouse somewhere 
without being shown a little window which covers what you actually want 
to see. So do we need this effect somewhere else too, where it might be 
even more important, e.g. in the circles themselves?


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