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since your recommendations differed, I have tried to create a synthesis in two 
new mockups (1):

2g.xht shows the old 2b layout which focused on arrow and segments. All 
separators are now arrows. I have transferred Alex finish flag idea into a 
"speed bar" pointing to the target. The second line shows a timeline being 
blend in (as Thomas suggested with gradient coloring/translucency) and ETA. 
ETA is not commonly understood, so I have decided to use a question mark to 
show that is only an estimation. Arrows below the timeline show increases in 
donations, arrows above decreases. They differ in size depending on the 
shifted amount. Music notes came to my mind here, but I haven't found a good 
visual yet (e.g. karaoke games).

2g.m1.xht shows a mouse-over effect over one of the segments. It draws 
connectors between the two one dimensional graphs (TrackStacks). A highlight 
color should be added I think. I have talked to FB users and followed my 
Diaspora habits and they have told me that the mugshots are too small in your 
mockup, Alex. On hover I have enough space to show a really individual avatar. 
(Besides the argument of clutter). 
I am also in favor now of iconizing the poll descriptors like G/p/prz. These 
visuals show that real, individual people are on there and esp. if you can get 
in contact with them on the ground as well, this will be very attractive. Once 
we agree upon the way to show popups, I will also draw a mockup for the 10,000 
target, the ETA and single arrows on the timeline.

Although I focused on each visual on the single visualized aspect and spared 
the color dimension for later, I still think the symbolics of the timeline 
could be better? What do you think?

Sources are uploaded.


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