TrackStack mockup help request

alex at alex at
Sat Oct 1 17:43:26 EDT 2011

"Rainbow colors abd arrow made me go wow"

Sure, its the best version, because the arrow give the observing eye
direction and u might grasp its a progress bar.
The rainbow colors, even though they conveyed no information, gave the
impression that each user had a different color instead of just
mnemonics and its much easier for people to distinguish colors than
combinations of letters, but colors are not useful, because there are
to few to give each person a different color.
(but it might be possible in some contexts, ...who knows ;)

> the rainbow colours are a distraction and might perhaps be toned down or (sometimes better) even removed.  But the arrow-like indicator of progress is an excellent idea.

I think its wasted display space to not color the arrows or instead
give them background images... but they HAVE TO convey information,
otherwise it doesnt do any good.

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