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1. Mnemonics suck (use user avatars instead and allow mouse hover to
see details)
2. The rainbow version is the best version by far, because it creates
the impression of a progress bar, but the rainbow colors seem to be
meaningless (put a money pattern in the background instead of colors)
3. What is the +1880 in "" ?

Whats the task about?

2011/10/1 conseo <4consensus at>:
> Hi,
> I have some mockups for the TrackStack layout (1) (2).
> I need help, because I am stuck at how to properly combine accounting progress
> and collaborative assembly. First I'll show you what I got:
> 2.xht (3) simply uses the horizontal axis to show state (7320 already
> collected) and progress (1880, in last month for example). Yet it rather looks
> like a fundraiser-widget and doesn't really show the collaborative and dynamic
> form of the account assembly. None of this resource (here US$, can be anything
> countable including labour) is yet bound to the position which is selected
> (seen in the SuperAccount selector on the top left).
> 2ab.xht shows the fragments with gaps in between. I have also started to show
> the Mnemonics of the users, to make the collaborative nature of the accounting
> clearer. Individual contributions are distinct now.
> But this looks a bit cluttered and might confuse most people as they don't
> understand it is a progress bar. I could add a percent information, yet I feel
> this defeats the overall progress visualisation.
> 2b.xht uses a rainbow colouring to show that the positions are distinct yet
> bound together and I can therefore still show a solid bar. It is very eye-
> catching and likely too distracting. I have also lost the progress
> visualisation.
> So how can I visualize that there is solid backup and progress in terms of
> accounting, as well as that this is not a bound, but dynamical* social type of
> accounting?
> If people get the impression that this money is already booked, then they
> won't see their chances of participation.
> conseo
> * The assigned money is shifted with the votes for this candidate's position
> and these shifts can take money/... away to a better (maybe forked) position
> at any time, so good ideas never come too late.
> (1)
> (2) See for how this layouts in Crossforum:
> (3)
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