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Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Mon May 30 14:50:45 EDT 2011

I think the 4 maps are good! At least I cannot think of anything better. 
Its a lot of added complexity though. Whats hard for me to imagine 
beforehand is the navigation between them (especially in combination 
with zooming). Maybe a lot depends on that navigation. I hope, you have 
a clearer picture of that than I, Mike.

The plan sounds good, for sure.


On Sat, 28 May 2011 16:55, Michael Allan wrote:
> I have a design and plan to propose.  Very roughly:
> ------
> Four new maps for crossforum theatre: [1]
>     i. Communities
>    ii. People
>   iii. Topics
>    iv. Polls
> The structure is the same for each map.  The map consists of three
> main visual components, from top to bottom:
>    (d) Detailed view of selected item.
>    (g) Graph of all items.
>    (t) Table of all items.
> (t) The table is the main component.  It lists each item in a paged
> viewport (page up/down to see all).  For example, the table in the
> community map will normally list all known communities.  The rows may
> be sorted according to any columnar value.  Clicking on the 'size'
> column in the community table, for example, will sort the rows by the
> number of community members (i.e. subscribers to mailing list, or
> whatever).  Clicking again reverses the order.
> (g) The graph shows all items (x axis) and plots the value of the
> currently sorted column (y axis).  For example, you might see a bar
> graph of communities from the largest (left) to the smallest (right).
> Items in the graph are highlighted by events in the feed, of
> course. [2]
> (d) The detailed view shows further details of the currently selected
> item.  It includes links to other maps and views.
> The scoping of any map may be resticted to a single item from one of
> the other maps.  For example, you may restrict the community map to
> show only the communities of a particular person, topic or poll.  And
> so on for all combinations of the four maps.
> By itself, this design does not meet all of the requirements [3].  But
> I think we can meet them by adding sub-views, mini-tools and other
> details to the basic design.  For example, to support lateral
> extension (M.1-3) we might add a 'crossforum membership' column in the
> community table that shows how many of your collaborators are members
> of each community [4].  Vitality and vital rank (F.iii.c, d) can be
> projected in a heads-up display over the graph component of the
> community map - though only for certain views/scopes - and these can
> be the views that are linked from the discussion medium (design
> problem 4).
> ----
> Most of these tasks can be done in parallel:  (t) tech (s) social
>      1. (t) Add support for communities (S.1, 2) to the pollwiki.
>      2. (s) Decide which topics and issues to seed.  Create the
>             necessary community pages.  Plan seeding.
>      3. (t) Code the forum harvesters for the key communities in the
>             seeding plans (2).  If we have new developers, maybe they
>             could coordinate with C on this.
>      4. (s) Organize outfit (H).
>      5. (t) Code the new maps, beginning with the community map.
>      6. (s) Execute seeding plans (2).
> What do you think?
> -----
>   [1] http://zelea.com/project/votorola/a/crossforum/theatrePlan.png
>   [2] Items in the table are highlighted too, when they are visible in
>       the viewport.
>   [3] http://metagovernment.org/wiki/User:Michael_Allan/Seeding_an_inter-community_network
>   [4] This would depend on the user listing his/her crossforum
>       collaborators as a registration property.  You would then see the
>       degree of cross-membership only with regard to the people who
>       will actually collaborate with you in lateral ventures such as
>       delegation, nomination or colonization (maybe voters and
>       candidate by default).
>       http://metagovernment.org/wiki/Template:Draft
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