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Sun May 22 10:24:34 EDT 2011

Hi Michael,

Actually, when speaking of freedom of action, I merely meant that any group
via one of its moderators, may change the linkages it has with other

InterMix has a dual rating system, for interest 0 to 4 and for approval, -3
to +3.  Sorting of messages is available by interest, approval, value (total
interest * avg approval) and controversy (statistical variance).  This is
not voting per se.

Down the road I think a voting system will be wanted.  The scheme I am
looking at goes in rounds, where each group elects one message each round.
First participants write messages.  Then there are cycles of voting with
random distribution of a small number of messages to each participant.  Each
cycle, the number of surviving messages is significantly reduced until in
the last voting cycle everyone receives the same 6 or 8 messages to vote on.
Again, this is not geared to government but rather to creating a collective

I see a collective consciousness as the prerequisite for a collective
intelligence, and much easier to achieve.

-- Roger

On Sat, May 21, 2011 at 11:37 PM, Michael Allan <mike at zelea.com> wrote:

> Hi Roger,
> Welcome to the list.  When you speak of actions that a group may take,
> do you mean actions based on agreement?  Does InterMix have facilities
> for this purpose, such as voting?
> --
> Michael Allan
> Toronto, +1 416-699-9528
> http://zelea.com/
> > Hello to Metagov,
> >
> > Well, I was going to keep out of this until the InterMix project I am
> > working on is truly open source - i.e. on the web, downloadable, licensed
> > carefully and has a usable version available for testing.  But a couple
> of
> > points have come up - one the need for a forum that can double as an
> email
> > list - and two the desire to bring in multiple communities - that
> InterMix
> > can handle.  That plus InterMix has built in ratings with the ability to
> > sort by value and controversy as well as by date.  So it is in line with
> the
> > idea of community voting.  And I believe it will be user-friendly.
> >
> > To be sure, InterMix is not and does not pretend to be a method of
> > governing, but what it can do is to get people on the same page as to
> > general approach, and it has some nice bells and whistles.
> >
> > One major innovation is that when multiple groups use it together, the
> > groups can link up with autonomous and reversible actions that can be
> taken
> > by each group on its own.  The flow of messages and ratings determine a
> > bottom up hierarchy in a system where each community maintains its
> freedom
> > of action.
> >
> > See more at http://intermix.org, intermix.org/uri.htm and
> > intermix.org/panda.htm.
> >
> > Happy to answer questions.  Main one I suspect is when will InterMix be
> > available.  Alas, the launch date keeps receding.  Still, a lot of work
> has
> > been done and there is an early alpha now up and running.  Should usable
> for
> > metagov by fall, 2011.
> >
> > atb,
> >
> > Roger Eaton
> > USA 415 933 0153
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