[MG] Bubble layout

conseo 4consensus at web.de
Sun May 8 17:05:29 EDT 2011


I just found a mistake in my last post.
> > At least we could give it a try ;)
> Done: http://whiletaker.homeip.net:8080/voff/crossforum/#c=DG
> That is right, I have tried it already and you can still see here (as long
> as mike has not already pulled)
> http://u.zelea.com/var/deploy/crossforum/#c=DG how dominant the user names
> will be compared to the visualized conversation. As you suggested and
> Thomas agreed, I have added a simple tooltip to the mnemonics in the feed
> for now. Yet, I'd still like to keep the further way open here, since the
> focus of the diff-feed is the difference feed discussion and we should
> visualize both usernames and pollnames there. 
Sorry, text got confused. I mean put usernames and pollnames in the mappers 
(visualize them in the relevant context rather than add them to the stream of 
conversation) by "there".


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