[MG] The laconic rule of thumb: scaling the wall of text

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No, I think this is a bad idea.
If someone created a draft and has 1000 followers, but most of them are
still unhappy with some details or maybe they think a general aspect is not
taken into account yet... How can they create an alternative version of the
draft when they are limited to so few words?

Let them use as many words as they want, in the end they have to convince
other voters and maybe they will come up with a draft with only a few words,
because they think few words is important to attract enough attention, or
maybe they will find other ways, like using pictures or videos :) ...so
maybe you could also give your vote for a draft that includes a video?

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The laconic rule of thumb states:

  Limit the consensus draft to 10 words per voter.

So if the end-candidate's draft has a single voter, then it should not
exceed 10 words.  If 2 voters, then 20 words.  And so on.

What do you think?
Michael Allan

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