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Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Tue Mar 29 04:30:55 EDT 2011

>             Vh. Vg. Vf.
>     Ve. Vd. Vc. Vb. Va.
>                      |
>             [] (X)  Or.
>                      |
>                     Ca.
> Below, we add this:
>                     ^^^
>                      My

Yes, very good!

Only, I would immidiatly link to the creation page, if "My" is clicked 
by a user without an own draft.

>     You have no draft in<G/p/m00>.  You may create a new draft:
>          Source:  User:Origin/name-of-draft
>                   [x]  Copy initial content from source
>       New draft:  [ User:Ed Pastore/G/p/m00 ]
>                                [Create draft]  [Cancel]

Why not give it the name, the original user gave it? "m00" says nothing.

> The 'Create draft' button is enabled only if you're logged in to the
> wiki (otherwise a "login to wiki" link is provided).  The newly
> created draft page has the source (Or.) pinned into it, so you start
> seeing diff footprints immediately after your first edit

Very cool! Right now the pinned users appear almost like voters. How if 
they were in an extra row? And concerning the issue of space: How if we 
had a collapsable menue like in the theatre map? This could then be 
really big, covering the whole left wiki menue. Wouldnt that be great? 
The whole delegation tree would fit in there, and the vote-space-page 
could be shrinked to a simple "vote now"-page without tree.

One more idea: If you click on a user, the footing gets fixed. To unfix 
it you have to click this user again. Additionally I'd like to be able 
to click on the orininal user to unfix the footings.

A question: How does the naming come: Tg, TZ, Te? Its changing is a bit 
confusing and again due to too little space I understand. Here:


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