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Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Mon Mar 28 05:20:58 EDT 2011

Ed Pastore (in other thread) wrote:
> ... I have to agree... this is too complicated. When I am looking at
> a proposal or at a list of proposals, those are the times when I
> want to be able to add my own. And for someone non-technical, the
> barrier is certainly far too high at the moment.

One possible solution: Looking at the nav controls for the in-draft
footings: http://u.zelea.com/w/User:Test-bg-ZeleaCom/G/p/sandbox
Here they are in ASCII:

           Vh. Vg. Vf.
   Ve. Vd. Vc. Vb. Va.
           [] (X)  Or.

Below, we add this:


That's a link to the forest floor ^^^, or poll, plus a self-context
button (My).  The self-context button works like this: If you (the
user) already have representation among the nav controls of the
current page, then 'My' mimics the function of your mnemonic button
(say Vb.) in that page.  Hover over either 'My' or Vb. and both
buttons are highlighted simultaneously.  And so forth.

Otherwise, 'My' has no hover function.  But click on it, and both it
and the draft button [] are highlighted in blue.  Click on the
highlighted [], and you're taken to your own draft.  (The server may
ask you to login first, so it can discover who you are.)

However, if you don't already have a draft, then [] takes you to a
draft creation page:

   You have no draft in <G/p/m00>.  You may create a new draft:

        Source:  User:Origin/name-of-draft
                 [x]  Copy initial content from source

     New draft:  [ User:Ed Pastore/G/p/m00 ]

                              [Create draft]  [Cancel]

The 'Create draft' button is enabled only if you're logged in to the
wiki (otherwise a "login to wiki" link is provided).  The newly
created draft page has the source (Or.) pinned into it, so you start
seeing diff footprints immediately after your first edit:


           [] (X)  Ed.

                    My   <- disabled and greyed out

Can anyone see shortcomings, or alternative solutions?  Otherwise, I
think it might take 4 days to code this up.

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

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