[MG] From our Portuguese friends

Hayen Mill hayenmill at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 05:37:58 EDT 2011

Hello all,

I'd just like to let you know i'm available to help translate the
software to both portuguese AND spanish (both of them are my maternal
languages). I think it would be interesting to explore the so called
#spanishrevolution that also has a goal to spread direct democracy.
See the number of their camps here:


2011/6/3, Michael Allan <mike at zelea.com>:
> Hi Matteo,
> Just to confirm: Votorola's tools can be translated to Portuguese.
> All we'd need is the translator.
> We can't estimate a beta.  It's up to the alpha users and we don't
> have enough of those yet.  I'm thinking how to get some.  My plan is
> to code a functional cut of crossforum theatre and showcase it on
> Metagov's or Votorola's home page.  With C's help, it shouldn't take
> too long.  (I can do an estimate for my part, if timing's important.)
> Then if nobody's brought us alpha users, we'll go and stir some up.
> --
> Michael Allan
> Toronto, +1 416-699-9528
> http://zelea.com/
> Matteo Martini wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I re-publish here a mail from Armando, one of the
>> Portuguese friends who is working on e-democracy projects
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> I've been following the popular movements here in
>> Portugal to fight for new political system.
>> I think this is an opportunity
>> for us to push forward some of our ideas / projects on e-democracy. I
>> spoke with
>> some guys here and they are very receptive and want to
>> work with
>> me.
>> The only point I'm thinking is what can we do in concrete in the near
>> future.
>> Maybe help to push forward the votorola project and put in pratice in
>> a pilot project in Portugal (but it has to be translated in portuguese - I
>> can
>> manage that)
>> This is a huge opportunity to gather momentum. What do you
>> think?
>> Cheers
>> Armando
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> I would like to add that the situation in
>> Italy is also similar.
>> When do you guys think that we may have a
>> beta version of Votorola ready to use?
>> Could we try to test it
>> somehow?
>> Matteo
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Hayen Mill
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