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Here's an experiment/community that would require votorola/drafting/pollwiki
I got to him reading an interesting article of the author of
(Macro)Wikinomics, Don Tapscott:
And take a look also at
http://edge.org/conversation/the-argumentative-theory to see deliberative
democracy from the Sperber's argumentative theory perspective.

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On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 5:57 PM, Michael Allan <mike at zelea.com> wrote:

> Here are some rough formalizations in the pollwiki of communities:
> http://zelea.com/w?title=Special%3APrefixIndex&namespace=300
> I think the most direct path to success is:
>  1. Identify the communities.
>  2. Spread to them.
> We can start today.  The result would be immediate success or failure.
> If it were failure (very likely), then we'd only need to identify the
> problem, solve it, and try again - eventually we'd succeed.  There
> might be other paths to success, but none so immediate as this one; it
> comes to grips with the problematic of success itself, which is one of
> lateral extension. [1]
> That would place the initiative squarely on the social side.  The
> leaders would be those who commit to action and stand out ahead of the
> technology.  There is no other way forward at this stage.  Can anyone
> see a fault in this logic?  Or some other way forward?
> (technical stuff) I've identified some nuts and bolts that can safely
> be developed in advance: [2]
>  a) Message harvesters for the different types of online community.
>     Harvesters are the workhorses of crossforum theatre, and they'll
>     be providing the metrics that feed the visualizations of lateral
>     spread on which success depends.
>  b) Communities are composed of people, ofc.  We'll be visualizing
>     this graphically.  All we have ATM is a rough UI for data input:
>     http://www.zelea.com/w/Property:Community
>  c) C says content is King.  We can formalize thematic content and
>     use it to visually interrelate:
>        * People
>        * Communities
>        * Polls (issues)
>     A folksonomy is probably the most flexible approach to start
>     with.  Again we already have a rough UI for the necessary data
>     entry: http://www.zelea.com/w/Property:Topic
>     Rudimentary queries, too:
>     http://www.zelea.com/w/Special:SearchByProperty/Topic/-20politics
> http://www.zelea.com/w/Special:SearchByProperty/Topic/-20Metagovernment
> Notes:
>  [1] Success depends on positioning the toolset (means) in the context
>     of a desireable and feasible end.  Our current lack of such a
>     context is why we have no dedicated users (short of Thomas and I)
>     to help in identifying the inevitable development problems.
>     Whatever the *content* of the end, it must take the form of a
>     lateral spread across many online communities.  Other possible
>     forms are either undesireable (no communities) or infeasible (one
>     or a few).
>     The tools (means) cannot be developed further without the close
>     collaboration of at least 2 dedicated and skilled users.  We need
>     people who are both motivated and intelligent, which again calls
>     for ends that are both desireable and feasible.
>  [2] Some ideas here.  I'm not sure it's necessary to read any of
>     this, but for some reason I found it necessary to write:
> http://metagovernment.org/wiki/User:Michael_Allan/Seeding_an_inter-community_network
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