Votorola 0.2.3

Michael Allan mike at
Wed Jun 8 04:04:48 EDT 2011

This is to inform you of the release of Votorola 0.2.3.  The changes
in this release are as follows:

    Extension Semantic Mediawiki was added to the pollwiki.  It now
    serves as a shared, user editable database among the separate
    facilities of the voting network.  Configuration of polling
    divisions was moved from the voter-server to the pollwiki.  The
    pollwiki was divided into formal "areas" for shared use among
    multiple deployments that would ordinarily have wikis of their
    own, such as cities, regions or organizations.

    The residential voter registry was rationalized into a trust
    server implemented as utility "votrace", with a front end
    streetwiki.  Utility "volist" was removed, the register
    temporarily sufficing as a voter list.  Utility "vomir" was added
    as a proof-of-concept demonstration of vote mirroring.  Facilities
    for differencing and difference bridging between position drafts
    were added.  An early prototype of a marquee UI over the voting
    network was added as "crossforum theatre".  Draft pointers were
    added in partial implementation of free-range drafting, enabling
    drafters to work from separate wikis.

URLs for the download site and other useful resources can be found at:

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