common repository for the project

Michael Allan mike at
Sun Mar 28 07:22:20 EDT 2010

Thomas von der Elbe wrote:
> But Mike, since you have your own place for the software at, 
> there is no need for you to setup a tracker in bitbucket too, is there? 
> So we could just use Philippes there and also use the issue-tracker 
> connected with it. I wouldnt want to have more than 1 of those. It 
> wouldnt make sense, would it?

No, we want just the one tracker (I agree).  Unless there's a way to
cross-assign issues from one to another (but I tried and it doesn't
seem to work).

Another plus, it's lightweight setup.  Do we give it a spin then?

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521

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