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Michael Allan mike at
Thu Mar 25 12:13:40 EDT 2010

Hi Philippe,

Thomas pointed me to the issue tracker you're testing:
I was playing around with it.  I reassigned one of the issues.  It's
odd that it would allow that, since you did not give permission.

I created a tracker of my own under the same project name:
I was thinking the two would share the same issues (like repos share
the same code), but apparently that's not how it works.  The two
trackers are entirely separate, right?  So we'd just use one of them.

In order to assign an issue to you (in my tracker), I had to make you
an "administrator" over my repo.  That gives you write control over
the repo.  I guess they assume that all developers will work in the
same repo, like it was CVS?

I shouldn't complain too much about a site that runs for free, with no
ads.  And I can see it's useful for pushing a repo into public view,
if you don't run a Web server of your own.  But for issue tracking,
maybe the simplest thing is to start with the mailing list?  (We can
always shop around for alternatives later, when we outgrow it.)

What do you think?
Mike Allan

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521

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