common repository for the project

Michael Allan mike at
Mon Mar 8 11:26:25 EST 2010

Hi Philippe,

> sorry, I don't understand why it is not for you ?

Mercurial doesn't need a centralized host.  It's distributed, and I
like it that way (but that's just my own preference).

> > But if you want to try it out, that's cool.  If you decide to host
> > Votorola there (in some sense) that's OK too.  We can cross-link
> > our home pages.
> I don't think that it is a good thing to have the same project at
> several places then.

Not if they compete pointlessly.  But it's OK to set up a repo host
for Votorola.  It's a nice addition.  Not everyone can/will go solo.

> > We don't actually need it for code sharing, right?  You can
> > already pull changesets from me, and I from you...
> Yes of course, but the place just provides tools that
> you haven't got at Zelea like bug trackers and wiki

Bug tracking is a nice addition, too.  I'm not sure about wikis, we
may end up with too many of those.

Mike Allan

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521

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