Centralizing (1a)

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Mon Mar 22 13:46:35 EDT 2010

Thomas wrote:
> ... Since the new navigation replaces the old tabs on the server
> side and also most buttons on the wiki side, why not use this free
> space and have the navigation on the left side? And how, if instead
> of just letters to have the words: poll-position-user +
> service-voting-ranking?

I think that nails it: http://u.zelea.com:8080/v/w/Votespace/?p=BGE
If we tack this to the top-left and scrap the tabs (like you say),
then everything else falls into place.  Lots of room.  (I'll try that,
maybe tomorrow.)

Because it sits in the wiki, it'll be cross-project.  So the core will
become kind of rigid.  But pollservers can float their own doo-dads
around it, like I did with Area/Scheme/District (soon to be removed).

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