Steps to Initial Gardening Exercise

Michael Allan mike at
Wed Aug 11 00:52:03 EDT 2010

Sorry for the delay JAnne (working nights),

Here's the instructions we're talking about:

JAnne Davies wrote:
> Here are the pages links direct to:
> 1.) login arrive Site List Areas........average user has no clue what
> to do from here so they either want to press the BC "button" on this
> page which will take them to Province of British Columbia arriving
> here the possibly confused person will look around the page and then
> maybe decide to chance a click at BC/GINGER  or else they return to
> the instructions and press the position page link which will take
> then to the BC/GINGER page. good instructions but where is the
> expected Create Button on the Ginger page? It was there when I logged
> in as an opensource it isn't does the creat"button"
> disappear after an ISP address has used it once ?  more to come

The instructions weren't very good.  Please try again, I've made some

  * After logging in (step 1) you're now automatically taken back to
    the instructions (instead of to "List of areas").

  * There's now an explanation of what to do if you see no 'create'

  * Voting (and vote changing) instructions are clarified.

It should be possible to run through all of the instructions again,
right from step 1.

> Hey lighten up JD!
> Remember the gui has ever only masked either a unix-like programming code or
> else it's ms-dos..well it's more complicated than even this very gui....
> The point is Mike is working behind the scenes like a pupeteer behind those
> sometimes infernal gui's as it were, so that you and eveybody else can
> vote!!!!!
> The nice cute little gui's and gui buttons that will help the voter's to
> vote will come later so hang on JAD and hang in there on the Ginger BC page
> until enlightenment comes...cause it will.

(You're wise to my ways JAnne.  You save me making the
 this-is-only-a-prototype-but-we're-gonna-improve-it speech. ;-)

> Mike before God in heaven I do not see any create tab on this
> page....nevertheless, I do remember both seeing one and using one
> when I used the forgesource alias. Please check out the page by
> means of the link I am sending you and tell me I am mistaken:

You meant your position page (?), for example:

The first time you visited that page, it didn't exist yet.  So the
wiki presented you with a 'create' tab.  Then you created it by
pressing 'create' and 'save'.  Then when you visited it a second time,
there was no 'create' tab.  Instead the wiki presented you with a
bunch of other tabs ('edit', 'history' and so forth).

Here's a page that doesn't exist yet (if you create it, please delete
it afterwards!):

Please try again.  It's good we're working together on this.  It's
really important to make the intructions super-easy for others to
follow.  They shouldn't have to be wiki experts to do guerilla

If you run into more problems, please re-post.  Also feel free to
skype me, or call collect,
Mike Allan

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521
Skype: michael_c_allan

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