Steps to Initial Gardening Exercise

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Tue Aug 10 20:16:11 EDT 2010

Hey lighten up JD!
Remember the gui has ever only masked either a unix-like programming code or
else it's ms-dos..well it's more complicated than even this very gui....

The point is Mike is working behind the scenes like a pupeteer behind those
sometimes infernal gui's as it were, so that you and eveybody else can
The nice cute little gui's and gui buttons that will help the voter's to
vote will come later so hang on JAD and hang in there on the Ginger BC page
until enlightenment comes...cause it will.

On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 10:56 AM, JAnne Davies <
employmentincentives at> wrote:

> Here are the pages links direct to:
> 1.) login arrive Site List Areas........average user has no clue what
> to do from here so they either want to press the BC "button" on this
> page which will take them to Province of British Columbia arriving
> here the possibly confused person will look around the page and then
> maybe decide to chance a click at BC/GINGER  or else they return to
> the instructions and press the position page link which will take
> then to the BC/GINGER page. good instructions but where is the
> expected Create Button on the Ginger page? It was there when I logged
> in as an opensource it isn't does the creat"button"
> disappear after an ISP address has used it once ?  more to come

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