Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at
Sat Aug 14 01:32:06 EDT 2010


thank you Anne for the link to the openfarmtech-group. Very exciting
stuff! I spend the whole day yesterday watching their videos on their
For the others: It is a project of 3 people and 100 supporters which
work on open source hardware for resilient community building, i.e.
open source tractors etc. The aim is to grow to a size of 30 people.

Now, Alex introduced me to the idea of p2p decision making in economic
contexts and I´m still struggeling to fully grasp the possibilities.
(My initial approach was purely political.)

But here it's obvious. First I thought: the project is great, but
Votorola is not of much use for these guys, because the real benefits
come for large groups. 30 people might still be able to sit together
and work out their decisions without a software. But I was blind! The
project does ofc include its supporters. They are the ones paying the
30 engineers for developing open-source hardware, so they should ofc
have a say in this process. :-)
By taking part in the decision making they really become part of the
project instead of just being donors. This is perfect, isnt it?

Is this, what you had in mind , Anne? Or am I getting something wrong?
Actually I'm new to the depth of open-source-philosophy.


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