Votorola 0.1.9

Michael Allan mike at
Wed Jun 25 01:28:49 EDT 2008

This is to inform you of the release of Votorola 0.1.9.  The changes
in this release are as follows:

    A viewer for the voter list was added to the Web interface.  Users
    may browse the list at various scales, ranging from the whole
    electoral district, down to its component neighbourhoods.  Minor
    bugs were corrected in the Web interface.

    The script "list.js" was added for configuring the compilation and
    indexing of the voter list.  A default is provided under
    votorola/a/register, please copy it to your register's
    configuration directory.

    List compatibility with previous releases is broken.  Any voter
    list compiled by "volist" under a previous release will be
    unmountable under this one.

URLs for the download site and other useful resources can be found at:

Michael Allan

Toronto, 647-436-4521

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