UVote Election Progress, Book, and Speech

Rhett Pepe hardware314 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 02:26:34 EDT 2014

Hi Michel,

(I'm assuming this is Michael Allan from Votorola)

This is Rhett from UVoteParty.org. I'm well into campainging under a direct
internet democracy platform, so far the platform has been REALLY well
received by voters.
So, assuming that I get voted in, I expect this to send a shockwave through
the U.S. political landscape. Now, should this be the case, I'll be writing
a book called Democracy 2.0. In this book, I'll have a chapter devoted to
security (in which I'll mention the Helios project).

Also, I'll have a chapter on different kinds of voting schemes. I'd like to
work with you on this chapter. In specifically, I'd like to give an example
of a possible scheme to balance the U.S. federal budget collectively. Another
issue I've been wrestling with is complexity. So, I want to give the
general public a number of easier options about the general political
decision, but then have a group of lawyers (for example) judge weather a
particular 500 page bill actually implements the general will of the
public. So, this would be a second chapter of the book (regarding croud
sourcing a complex decision) that we could perhaps work on together. I've
just begun to really think about the difficulties in this area, and you
have put lots of effort into it. Presupposing victory in 2014, the target
deadline for finishing the book is Jan 1st 2016. Then, I'll go around
lecturing and selling the book on talk shows and the campus speaking
circuit. A success here would help draw money and attention to electronic

Now, I've spent over 100 hours writing a 1600 word speech about electronic
democracy and the UVoteParty. I pray it is as good as I think it is and
that the delivery will be amazing. Then, I'm going to have a contest to
have what is called a "kenetic text" animation put over the speech. In
effect, making an excellent commercial for UVoteParty.org. At the end of
the speech I make a pitch for thousands of canidates to join and also for
people to support the project. Again, a success here would help draw money
and attention to electronic democracy. I'll send you a link to the
completed video when done. The philisophy is "Life, Liberty, Freee and
Equal Choice, and The Persuit of Happiness"

My vision, should large amounts of people and money want to get involved,
is to set up two orginizations. First, UVoteParty.org as a formal political
party. The second orginization is a non profit orginization devoted to
creating open source international standards for voting technology, both
online and in terms of physical voting booths. The standards org could then
use the UvoteParty platform to implement and test different ideas before
submitting them as improvements to the international voting standard. I
would have little or no control over the standards org because of a
potential conflict of interest.

So, presupposing victory, would you be interested in collobarating on two
chapters of the book Democracy 2.0? Again, presupposing victory, would you
be interested in helping to start an international voting standards
orginization in an admin role and/or as one of the lead technical people?

Live Long and Prosper,

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