(BUG) Missing port in Wicket link

conseo 4consensus at web.de
Mon Sep 17 13:59:12 EDT 2012

Am Montag, 17. September 2012, 01:54:59 schrieb Michael Allan:
> This is to follow up on a bug Conseo reported.  The link in the Rank
> tab (German Ergebnisse) is broken in his Firefox:
> http://zelea.com:8080/v/w/Votespace?p=G!p!prz&u=Matteomartini72-YahooCom
> I can't replicate this with Firefox 10.0.5 (Linux) or 14.0.1 or 15.0.1
> (Windows).  What version are you running, C?
> The page source you uploaded looks strange.  Most of the content is
> missing.  Also it's not raw; it contains stuff added by JS at runtime
> such as body classes.  The raw souce should look like this:
> http://zelea.com/var/tmp-public/Votespace.html.txt
> Please open "Net" trace in Firebug, and reload the Votespace page.  It
> should load without a redirect.  What URL shows in your address bar?
> What URL shows when you hover over the Rank tab?
> Click on the Rank tab.  What URL is requested in the trace?
> Wicket responds with a redirect, adding a numeric parameter.  What is
> the redirect URL?  The actual URLs are sometimes relative, but Firefox
> and Firebug should always show them resolved to port 8080.

My proxy is b0rked here as it works without it. I will disable it in the 
future on problems, sorry for the confusion.


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