(BUG) Exploding and collapsing voter board

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Wed Nov 28 06:22:24 EST 2012

Ok, the explosion still happens, even though my computer has 2.2 GHz and 
is not at its limits at all opening that page. But the picutre comes 
back into shape shortly after and the vote-track and everything is fine 
then. Also the explosion does not settle after navigating around. Hm, I 
don't know, if it's worth fixing.

Btw, why is my latest post (diff) in the home-page-thread not shown in 
the talk-track. Wasn't metagov not being harvested too?


On Wed, 28 Nov 2012 10:53, Michael Allan wrote:
> I'm not sure, but I think this changeset fixed it:
> http://zelea.com/var/db/repo/votorola/rev/830661407c54
> I still see the exploding part on a slow, 600MHz computer when the
> cache is clean, but not the collapsing.  And even that settles down
> after navigating across a few pages.  I don't see it at all on faster
> computers.  So it might not be a problem worth fixing, yet.
> Thomas, do you still the bug?
> Mike
> Thomas von der Elbe said:
>> I have Firefox 16.0.1/Linux.
>> Thomas
>> On Tue, 27 Nov 2012 1:00, Michael Allan wrote:> This is an interesting
>> bug.  Thomas reported it:
>>   >
>> http://metagovernment.org/pipermail/start_metagovernment.org/2012-November/005208.html
>>   > http://zelea.com/var/tmp-public/votorola/2012.11.26.png
>>   >
>>   > I can replicate it under Firefox 18/Windows (slow computer), but not
>>   > 16/Linux.  The voter board (left on vote track) balloons in size when
>>   > it first renders (increasing the thickness of the stage) and then
>>   > collapses as shown in Thomas's screenshot.
>>   >
>>   > Once workaround is to click in the peer board, forcing the voter board
>>   > to redraw.
>>   >
>>   > Thomas, what's your version of Firefox?
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