Interactions of talk track

Michael Allan mike at
Wed Nov 21 13:56:36 EST 2012

Hi Thomas,

> One thing: If I select a message in a certain poll and then change
> to another poll, shouldn't the message be deselected and the new
> poll-name appear instead?

We were thinking we want sticky staging.  So when something's staged,
it usually sticks till the user explicitly changes it.  For that, all
Conseo needs to do is ensure the staged message is shown whether it
belongs to the filtered set, or not.  So a message is staged:

        Hello there, blah blah blah

A poll is staged and the track is filtered down.  But the old message
is still staged and still shown as such in the track.

        Hello there, blah blah blah
                                  X ---

The user may now unstage it, or stage another.  Regardless the message
is still shown in track:

        This, that and the other thing
                                  - ---X

So the user is more in control.

> And an idea, you probably had yourself already: How if I select a
> message and then the corellating poll would light up somehow. Hm, I
> guess this is really low priority and has very few usecases (right
> now only one (if no poll is selected); later a few more, when
> poll-filtering comes up) ... anyway, just to mention. ;-)

It's a high priority, but Conseo and I didn't know what to do.  So we
agreed to let the problems surface cleanly by doing the minimum in
terms of look and feel.  (1) One problem is to correlate the
information of the talk track with what's shown outside (you mention
poll track).  What do you think of talk lighting for this?

(2) Another problem is to reveal the talk track's internal information
in useful ways.  Maybe the acid test for this is to quickly find a
given message in the track, like we can find a poll in the poll track.
Then we'd know the information is shining through.

(3) We're poorly connected to discussion media, the best of which
aren't web based.  Our diff URLs are good rope bridges for some media,
but they only work at the exit.  We put a welcome mat at the entrance,
but it's actually hard to get in.  We're torn between these facts:

   * Discussion media (voice and mail)
   * Drafting media (web)

     (Voting can go anywhere because it's new, and we're the ones
      developing it)

Probably we have to showcase our best integration in web forums, at
least till voice and mail are better connected with the web.


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