Michael Allan mike at
Mon Nov 12 05:50:35 EST 2012

Hi Thomas,

It's now both a friendly date for users and a link for admins:!p!sandbox&u=Test-g-ZeleaCom

Similar on rank page (bottom right):!p!sandbox&u=Test-g-ZeleaCom

The date format is set here:
That format code is 'F', as defined in Date/Time Conversions:

German text for votespace (Die Ergebnisse...) may need correction:

For admins, server page now links to local results.  So when Conseo
pulls my latest code, his server will have correct links:

And all those '*' qualifiers will be gone, like here:


Thomas von der Elbe said:
> Hello,
> wouldn't it be good, if the message in the votespace "results from the 
> last count snap xy" would tell the date and time in less technical ways, 
> e.g.something like 10.11.12. 9.00 pm GMT?
> At least me, I'd like that!
> Thomas

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