Bug in the listsoftware?

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Sun Nov 4 23:42:13 EST 2012

I think it's thunderbird, Thomas.  Your message came in two parts,
HTML and text.  I guess you compose in HTML, then thunderbird extracts
the text copy.  Most likely that's where the error creeps in.

The list ignores the HTML part, except to link to it.  Here it is:
It looks wrong.  Too many nested font elements, all the same font.

   a<font face="Courier New"> bit more convin<font
       face="Courier New">ient<font face="Courier
         New"> and animates <font face="Courier
           New">me (the user) <font
             face="Courier New">to play ar<font
               face="Courier New">ound and look

Probably thunderbird gets confused when converting that to text.


Thomas von der Elbe said:
> I noticed this once before. For example here:
> The message I wrote was:
> more convinient and animates me ...
> But from the list I get back:
> > more convinientand animates me ...
> a space is missing. Is this because of my thunderbird or because of the 
> list?
> Thomas

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