(BUG) Operation of harvest kick mechanism is unclear

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Wed Nov 28 19:31:33 EST 2012

Thomas von der Elbe said (in the other thread):
> Btw, why is my latest post (diff) in the home-page-thread not shown
> in the talk-track. Wasn't metagov not being harvested too?

First you have to make the kick button appear in the talk track.
Currently it looks like a '?'.  (I think you need to be at a position
in votespace, e.g. by navigating in the vote track.)  I'm not sure if
you need to be at a *particular* position, but I think so.  I think it
harvests messages for a single group (candidate and immediate voters).
Then you press it.

Probably the fix is to make the button more self-explanatory.

(1) Maybe it should have something like a tooltip.

               Harvest messages for candidate C's group
         -------- ?

(2) Maybe also enabled/disabled state instead of being added/removed,
because that transition can be disorienting:

           --------     no kick button
         -------- ?     button appears

Wheras this one is more informative:

         -------- -     button disabled
         -------- ?     button enabled

(3) Maybe also a special tooltip for the disabled state:

               Cannot harvest messages, no group selected
         -------- -

What do you guys think?

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

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