Mailman archiver

Michael Allan mike at
Thu Nov 8 20:52:30 EST 2012

Hey Conseo,

Heads up on the future of Pipermail and Mailman archiving:

David Jeske says (later in that thread):
> I highly recommend reconsidering this [separately shipped archiver]
> and including a standard archiver with mailman. If the number of
> sites that use pipermail is any indication, I think failing to
> include something will basically mean lots of lists without any
> archives.

Barry Warsaw replies:
> I think you're right...  [but] It's definitely not something I want
> to hold up the 3.0 final release for, so we have to find the right
> way to manage our users expectations.

I didn't read the thread beyond this.  I can't find later info, but it
looks like they were undecided as of March.  Barry still had branches
of 3 with Pipermail integrated:

(I staged the home page.  Am now looking at staging the list archive.)


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