Staging/unstaging control in vote track, and other bugs

Michael Allan mike at
Wed Dec 19 04:27:01 EST 2012

(catching up on the last of my bugs)

I said:
> It looks like the vote track needs this [staging/unstaging control],
> too.  Currently when an actor is staged ... and the poll is
> unstaged, the track empties and there's no way to unstage the actor.

So here for instance:

  1. Stage a poll.

  2. Stage an actor.

  3. Unstage poll.

> He hangs around like Banquo's ghost.  I've tasked a fix for this.
> (Generally a prop should not allow us to do stuff (like staging or
> unstaging) unless it also allows us to undo it.)

This is now fixed.  You'll see a little circle appear in the vote
track, which is your staging/unstaging control for the actor.  (not
beautiful, but hopefully okay for now)

Also the placement of non-participants (non-voter, non-candidate) is

  1. Stage a familar poll.

  2. Stage yourself.

  3. Change to an unfamilar poll.

     You now appear as a mosquito base candidate instead of alone on
     an empty board.  That's your staging/unstaging control.

Also, you can now use the polltrack to change polls in the Wicket
count pages:!p!grfin
Somehow I forgot to code that before.

Finally, I prevented the stage loading on any page served to IE, which
we don't support yet.  It looked bad because errors were popping up,
e.g. on the bridge.

Please report any problems you see.

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

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