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Mon Sep 5 10:38:47 EDT 2011

Conseo and Mike, do you think you could post something like this to  
the Metagov list, perhaps when you've resolved some of the questions  
below? Even if the use is only readily manageable by programmers,  
there are quite a few on that list who may be able to do it. A lot of  
people are looking for anything that can qualify as "usable" in  
whatever regard. Thanks!

On Sep 5, 2011, at 3:32 AM, conseo wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> I have fixed the outstanding glitches in the diff feed. The rest of  
> the night
> I have thought about my interests and how to best continue on  
> something
> additional to the diff feed. My development setup runs here:
> 1. DiffFeed
> Do you use procmail? We could use it to setup the scraper instead of  
> cron for
> the mailing list. Since you use irssi to log and run your chat  
> client this
> applies to it as well, as I guess that it supports scripting.
> 2. Further involvement
> I would like to use our software. As I have joined this project for  
> political
> reasons mainly, I am interested to use the tools to bridge forums  
> and bring
> discussion together. Especially now that I have seen the diff- 
> patching in
> action. But to make it interesting I need the resource management  
> stuff
> roughly working. I can then setup account types and draft positions of
> organisations or forums and start posting there about common plans  
> and ways to
> organize available resources. So I'd like to become an activist  
> myself a bit.
> This will also give me a clearer understanding on the further  
> development of
> the difference feed, I hope.
> Since this is a prerequisite for my planned usage and tests with the  
> tools I
> think it would be best to help you with anything being necessary to  
> make the
> resource management work as quickly as possible. I dive in today and  
> you might
> point me to a part I could take care of. Btw. do you have a method  
> to mirror
> resources? It would be really handy to mirror stuff like
> as raising then happens in forums.  
> Anyway you have
> something similiar for the crossforum extent in mind, so I think we  
> share a
> common interest here.
> You already have pointed parts out to me, so maybe we can skype  
> around 18:00
> GMT today to figure it out more closely.
> You have also talked about bringing the resource view to the  
> difference
> bridge, which is interesting, since we might want to visualize the  
> difference
> here differently, not in the semantic wiki markup style.
> I have talked on #opensourceecology btw. and they have told me to  
> write a
> proposal about using our software on their Wiki. I can write it up  
> and draft
> it together with you if you like. Can we use a draft pointer to a  
> text in any
> MediaWiki atm. or do they have to support that?
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