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Sun Oct 9 10:21:05 EDT 2011

Yes, on Metagov I have Reply-To set to "This List." As with the other  
setting, clicking reply-all on a client replies to both. But this  
setting sets the preference for Reply to go to the list instead of the  

I can see how some high-end nerds with a lot of SMTP savvy would find  
this to be a "bad thing," but I think it is preferable for almost all  
other users. Many people click Reply and click Send without ever  
really bothering to notice who they are replying to. So if the default  
is to reply to sender, this has the end result of many threads getting  
taken off-list. The reply-to-list setting encourages conversations to  
stay on-list. People on this list are mostly pretty tech savvy, so  
that may not be an issue, but as the list grows you may notice some  
lost threads, or broken ones, where one person keeps taking it off- 
list and the replier keeps trying to bring it back on.

P.S. So nice to "hear" from you Thomas!

On Oct 9, 2011, at 5:58 AM, Thomas von der Elbe wrote:

> I like the Metagov version better. And it seems to work there for  
> long.
> If I click reply to all, doesnt it send 2 messages to the author then?
> T
> schrieb Michael Allan:
>> PS - I looked at the Metagov list.  I see it adds a "Reply-To" header
>> pointing back to the list.  I guess that's why Thomas could just use
>> the Reply control there.  But apparently it's a non-standard setting,
>> and may cause problems for other subscribers.
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