replying to the list

Michael Allan mike at
Sat Oct 8 22:32:44 EDT 2011

PS - I looked at the Metagov list.  I see it adds a "Reply-To" header
pointing back to the list.  I guess that's why Thomas could just use
the Reply control there.  But apparently it's a non-standard setting,
and may cause problems for other subscribers.

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

Michael Allan wrote:
> Hey Thomas,
> Since list messages are headered "From" the poster and not the list, a
> plain reply will bypass the list.  But the list address is in the
> "List-Post" header and most mail clients can read it.  My Mutt has a
> reply-to-list function.  Maybe Thunderbird has something similar?  Or
> maybe try reply-to-all.
> Mike
> Thomas von der Elbe wrote:
> > Hello, since we have the new list, if I click on "Reply" to an email (in 
> > my Thunderbird) it does only reply to the author but not to the list. Is 
> > this a wrong setting here or there?
> > 
> > Thomas

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