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Wed Oct 5 11:52:54 EDT 2011

Hey Thomas,

Thomas von der Elbe wrote:
> Hey Conseo,
> I am very excited about the progress you have made, even though I'm not
> sure yet, how far it goes. Is the connection in the background between
> the visuals and the real data already programmed?


Nope this always comes last, because otherwise I would have to do the Ui over 
and over again. I was busy during August to rewrite the harvester, because 
Mike and me came to the conclusion that we need a web scraper rather than 
clients for each medium, because we need to be able to search back once a 
forum becomes interesting and we always need an external Url as we don't 
provide a communication channel in the Outcast Ui.
I have really missed you, as I need your feedback for this stuff. Mike and me 
have coined the term superalphauser for you, because so many important 
concepts have been invented with your help. The term definitely makes me laugh 

Mike has promised to provide the model (for the connection between the counts 
and the Ui) once we have a good Ui concept, but this is crucial and most 
likely the most difficult part to do. We also don't know yet which data we 
need to visualize it perfectly, both in social and historical terms.
I have gained experience and my new development setup is much more convenient 
for me, so things go quicker finally. For example the new harvester is really 
easy to adjust to new web-forums. Likely only one afternoon to write a scraper 
for a new forum.
Sorry that I can't offer you more yet, I will come up with a development plan 
in my next E-Mail and try to convince people to contribute labour to it (as in 
reaching out to projects, copying positions, using the resources framework to 
do something or some kind of development work). I hope you don't get 
distracted or disappointed, I will do what I can to keep you happy (same with 
Mike) :-) I have also tried to reach you on IRC, but had no luck yet. Mail me 
if you like to skype. 

> more in your text:
> > No mnemonics and no colors, but target and sum are more distinct now.
> The latter is good!
> > The segments of the thermometer showing the contribution of one of the
> > voters, can have a hover box showing their contribution and maybe any
> > other information for that pledge.
> I like that.
> >   We can also highlight a segment on voter selection.
> And that too.
> > But the collective aspect which was in their through the rainbow colors
> > (so they had information, just not for each segment), is now gone. Does
> > this still visualize the collective effort? I feel uncomfortable with
> > it... looks a bit boring.
> It wouldn't bring out the collective aspect more, but how if we take the
> thermometer analogy further and colour the thing from grey on the left
> to gradually orange or green (or yet another one) on the right. This
> would indicate progress. Also, why not have an arrow on the segment most
> to the right?
Each (super)account has a distinct colour already, so we can use that. See U 
in green, V in orange, ...

Mockups are at
I have also uploaded all svg sources, if anybody wants to play with inkscape, 
go ahead :-D I start to love this tool.

I have added an arrow in 2ca, a gradient in 2cb, made it translucent in 2cc as 
this strengthens the thermometer visual imho.

I have also moved the text to make it slimmer in 2d, as Mike suggests if we 
have many trackstack visuals as in 2e. 2e uses a gradient to show progress. 
The bar visuals the resource development over time, segmented e.g. in as many 
segments as weeks since the counting started and is green at the segment if 
the resources grew and blue if they shrunk. This is not intuitive, so we 
should plot a graph on hover. I have also added the rainbow version without 
the progress again here and have labeled the stacks despite the original 
intention as this colour inflation is confusing otherwise. Maybe tactile 
hovers make these labels unnecessary though. I have to sketch them up next.

I still like the Mnemonics version, esp. if we don't have votespace but only 
this bar (like on the bridge or activist's homepages). The thermometer is not 
really a visual analogy for the social thing going on. It also includes the 
progress aspect, which we should move in a different visual (TrackStack) as in 
2e imo.

So state could be shown partially in the toolbar (at least the sum in front of 
the selector makes some sense imo). Progress in a TrackStack and then social 
assembly/distribution in another TrackStack. What do you think?

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