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Michael Allan mike at
Tue Oct 4 23:03:40 EDT 2011

conseo wrote:
> I have added version 2c (1). It uses a thermometer visual. I don't
> see how I can visualize progress in there, except overlaying
> arrows. No mnemonics and no colors, but target and sum are more
> distinct now. The segments of the thermometer showing the
> contribution of one of the voters, can have a hover box showing
> their contribution and maybe any other information for that
> pledge. We can also highlight a segment on voter selection. But the
> collective aspect which was in their through the rainbow colors (so
> they had information, just not for each segment), is now gone. Does
> this still visualize the collective effort? I feel uncomfortable
> with it... looks a bit boring.

I still prefer 2b.  Here are its visual strengths, as I see them:

   * Arrow - indicates notion of progress
   * Segments - expose complexity behind the progress

I feel these strengths need to be developed:

   1. Enhance the strengths
   2. Fade out/elimate other aspects

I think the biggest aspect to elimate is the colour.  I don't see the
equation rainbow colour = collective effort.  I think you use the
colours only to distinguish the individual segments from each other,
but they are not good for that purpose.  They introduce unrelated
problems, esp. they distract the eye with meaningless info (why is
Fr. red, and Fz. blue).  I would distinguish the segments using visual

   * Strong outlining, like the pinched effect in 2c (good idea)

   * Light fill against dark background, unlike dark fill in 2c, which
     looks black on my screen

Then it could develop further from there, I feel.

Michael Allan

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