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Sun Oct 9 05:53:40 EDT 2011

Something that belongs actually here:

I wrote:

Say Mike, would it be possible to run a single area in the pollwikiunder a certain url? Could an oganization have its wiki inside the pollwikiunder its url and use it for different purposes among them the classical wiki-usage of collecting information but also drafting,bridging, ...?

Because the bridging etc. would become much easier this way.

Mike answered:

You mean a different domain name in the URL (and a shorter URL too),
but same page content?  I think it's possible to some extent, and I'm
not sure to what extent.  As they navigate around, they might hit a
link that encodes the old domain name in an absolute URL.  I'm not
sure how difficult it would be to eliminate all of those.

OTOH - Bridging for drafts in remote wikis*should*  be (and eventually
will be) as easy as for drafts in pollwiki.  We might be better off
putting most of our time into that, and also (eventually) into
supports migrating one's area to a separate pollwiki proper.

But maybe repost to the list (ok to copy my words), because others
might have ideas.

My reply now:

Yes, I mean: a different domain name in the URL, but same page content.
And yes, at some point in the future it should be equally easy to bridge from a remote wiki, but now it is not yet. And that sounds more difficult to solve to me.


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