[MG] Votespace and social space visualizations

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Fri May 20 15:42:21 EDT 2011

Placeholders is an excellent idea, especially if they dovetail neatly
with the filled in places (e.g. petal background).  That would salvage
the design for use in seedling polls and all growth stages.  Nice!

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

Thomas von der Elbe wrote:
> On Fri, 20 May 2011 6:10, Michael Allan wrote:
> > No complexity here, because of the tiny turnout:
> > http://metagovernment.tuxfamily.org/crossforum/#c=DV&s=G!p!prz(b12
> lol, yes not much complexity!
> > It looks weird.  It could be a problem.
> Yes, true. You mentioned a background like the petal of a flower. How if 
> we had a whole circle as background? Or some sort of placeholders for 
> the not yet existing co-voters?
> Thomas

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