[MG] Clearing entry paths for new users

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at gmx.de
Sun Mar 6 06:35:47 EST 2011

On Sun, 06 Mar 2011 11:38, Michael Allan wrote:
>>> If a bridge symbol happens to be red, it means a difference segment
>>> couldn't be highlighted.  For example:
>>> http://u.zelea.com/mediawiki/index.php?oldid=4139&vodd=4114-

> Please confirm: the first URL gives *no* red link?  It should give 1:
> http://browsershots.org/screenshots/a1f408416765a3b2b662d698cf3d0214

My thunderbird doesnt include the "-" at the end in the link. That makes 
the difference: footings vs. no footings at all.

>> PPS: oh, you couldnt see it, its the same url whereever you come from. I
>> came from our (your and my) diff.
> I may misunderstand, but it shouldn't matter who looks at a diff (or
> diff footprint).  Everyone should see exactly the same thing.

Same problem except with a "." at the end.

> I have an idea: Suppose a candidate could see the footprints of his
> immediate voters, except they're flashed in rapid succession like the
> frames in a film projector.  For candidate M, the frames would be:
>     J, K, L, J, K, L, J, K, L...

How rapid do you mean? So fast, that you see it always? Or so slow, that 
your picture is constantly changing? The latter could be quite 
disturbing, I guess. Sometimes you may want to look at your draft just 
as it is by itself.


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