[MG] Cascading agreement, money, communities and other resources in votespace

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Sat Jun 11 06:01:16 EDT 2011

I have a layout to propose.  This layout should be sufficient to cover
all resource types.

Thomas von der Elbe wrote:
> A community has no kindergarden but wants one. They start a poll and
> many different plans emerge of how it should be like, where exactly
> it should be located etc. Every plan expresses the amount of the
> different necessary resources for its realization, i.e. votes,
> money, land, labour, bricks, wood, ... And now all the people voting
> for a paricular plan can express what recources they are willing to
> contribute. And the count-engine counts them all up. So everyone can
> see, what is still missing and what not. If the count reaches 100%
> the plan can be executed, all the resources are there. Happy
> parents, happy children! :-)

I won't draw any mockups (no need), just ASCII diagrams.  Here's the
proposed layout for the votespace map:

  |                |               Resources toolbar                 |
  |                +-------------------------------------------------+
  |  Resources  -> |-------------------------------------------------|
  |  slice stack   +-------------------------------------------------+
  |                |           Resources heads up display            |
  |                |                                                 |
  |                |                                                 |
  |     Diff       |                                                 |
  |     feed       |               Votespace view                    |
  |                |                                                 |
  |                |                                                 |
  |                |                                                 |
  |                |                                                 |
  |                |                                                 |
  |                |           Votespace heads up display            |
  |                +-------------------------------------------------+
  |                |               Votespace toolbar                 |

The affected components are:

  * Home pages of activists
  * Difference bridge
  * Votespace map in crossforum theatre (shown above)

The home pages of the activists will display the theatre app as
configured above.  Each group of activists will work on one poll at a
time and the votespace map will show that poll.

The difference bridge is to be topped by a resources view (toolbar,
stack and HUD) the same as the one shown for the votespace map (above)
in all but two ways.  First, the bridge's view will include a
prominent link to the view embedded in the theatre app [1].  Second,
the resource type will not be selectable by the user.  Instead the
view will always show the default resource type for the diff
candidate's branch [2].

Details for the votespace map follow:

Diff feed
    C's diff feed is unchanged.

Resources toolbar
    The resources toolbar summarizes a voting branch's progress in
    gathering the resources of a selected type, such as agreement,
    crossforum extent or money.  For any resource instance that is
    selected in a slice (below), it provides a view of that resource
    and controls for working with it.

    It also provides a control for selecting among the different
    resource types that are defined for that branch [2].

Resources slice stack
    A stack of zero or more slices through the resource space.  Each
    slice is a thin, horizontal representation of some aspect of that
    overall space, including resources gathered and ungathered.

    Each resource type defines its own slices.  For crossforum extent,
    two slices are initially proposed:

    Forums slice (resource type = crossforum extent)
        The forums slice shows individual forums ordered
        alphabetically from left to right.  Forums that are nominally
        activated by the branch (its people being active in them) are
        distinguished from the inactive forums.

        When a forum is beneath the mouse, it is summarized in the
        heads up display (below).  The name of the forum is shown.

        When a forum is selected, it is featured in the resources
        toolbar (above) and the votespace view (below).  The toolbar
        shows the forum name and provides links to related views.  The
        votespace view indicates the nodes and branches that are
        active in that forum.

    Meeting places slice (resource type = crossforum extent)
        Meeting places are forums in geospace.  This slice is similar
        to the forums slice (above) except in two ways.  First, it
        shows only those forums that are situated in geospace.  Online
        forums are excluded.  Coffee shops may be included, but not
        IRC channels run by coffee shops.  Second, it arranges the
        forums in geographic clusters.  For example, it shows places
        in New York, then places in Madrid, then C's bus shelter in
        Mannheim - and so forth.

Resources heads up display
    The heads up display projects information over the underlying view
    (votespace or difference bridge) whenever the mouse hovers over a
    particular resource.  It's main purpose is to help the user decide
    whether to select the resource for further action.

Votespace view
    The votespace view is unchanged structurally.  The big difference
    is that it now shows the accumulation of whatever resource type is
    currently selected.

Votespace heads up display
    This is similar to the resources heads up display, but it applies
    to the nodes of the votespace view.

Votespace toolbar
    For any branch that is opened in the votespace view, the toolbar
    shows the username of the root node.  It provides controls for
    working with the node or branch, including links to related views.

  [1] Link from bridge to votespace map will sit where the resource
      selector (not shown) would have sat.

  [2] The root node of each branch (or tree) defines the resource
      particulars for that branch.  The definition includes the types
      that are required, which type is most crucial (default for
      views), and all other particulars that are branch configurable.
      The definition may be overridden upstream by any node.  As a
      consequence, both the resource types and the structure of the
      resources view may vary across the trees and branches of

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

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