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Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Mon Jun 6 19:38:34 EDT 2011

Welcome Alex,

Alex Keskitalo wrote:
> this is my project:
> in finnish: http://apps.facebook.com/eduskuntavaalikone/
> google-translated to english: 
> http://apps.facebook.com/eduskuntavaalikone/?trans=en
> it is basicly a predictive QA system where the questions are made by 
> users, and answered by election candidates.
> To use it, you select your district, then select questions and rate
> the candidate's answers, and as you do that, you form a personal top
> 10 list of candidates with an increasing confidence-level, which is
> what every voter wants whenever an election is near. So much so that
> the average visitor spent over 10 minutes in-app, feeding the
> machine-learning algorithm with rather sparse but high quality
> ratings, making it smarter by every click. See how that works?

I think so.  The larger the sample, the tighter the confidence
interval on the prediction.

> We are in the process of gamifying it more, adding better
> confidence-building mechanisms into it, and most relevantly, an
> explicit voting feature, which can have some very interesting
> implications, as you are all well aware.

What will the voting feature be like?
> I think this isnt strictly speaking "open democracy", but that IS
> the general direction, and everyone's just coming at it from
> different angles, so whatever you all are building, we want to be a
> part of it.  Also, vice verca.

Thank you, and likewise!  Tim Bonnemann recently observed that
e-democracy is "niche and fragmented", and I couldn't agree more.
Anything we can do to remedy it would be step forward.

Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 416-699-9528

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