Crossforum theatre of democracy - development challenges

Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at
Thu Aug 26 07:38:28 EDT 2010


I said offlist to Mike already: its so exciting, what all seems possible 
now. It promises far more, than I was expecting for our tools to become 
real in the near and middle future. The theatre is really something 
which can completely change the whole feel of it. A fascinating and wide 
entry-door to the world of e-democracy.

What can I contribute? I can say: I like this tree-thing in PulpCore a 
lot! Combined with a zoom it would be perfect.

> I pretty much settled on a runtime platform.  I think it's best to
> stick with the Web standards (JavaScript, HTML, SVG).

Do I understand you right, this means, you dont wanna use PulpCore 
anymore? And yes, it did take quite a while to load on my screen. 
Whereas the ballon was very fast loaded. But the graphics were really 

Then, you probably have this in mind already, but anyway: the messages 
showing up in the theatre can be:

1. new post in discussion
2. new position drafted or an existing one changed or a diff merged
3. new vote cast or an existing one changed
(maybe 4. new user registration)
(maybe 5. these users are online: ....)
(maybe 6. these users are having a chat here)


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