Guerilla Gardening Gone Off the Rails

Michael Allan mike at
Sun Aug 15 09:48:47 EDT 2010

Alex Rollin wrote:
> Thomas just helped me do a little rewrite.

I'd take it even further.  Make your position even more
direct/concise.  Admit that you personally:

  * Do not support Michel's re-appointment as a board member
  * Hope for a greater level of democracy in the foundation

But then stop.  Do not dwell on these points (2 sentences are enough).
Do not sell the arbitrators et al. on them, or say anything else that
might be construed as a *valid* reason for kicking you out.  (Or if
they do kick you out, then please don't retaliate precipitately.  As
you know, it would most likely play into their hands.)

I'm not sure you can campaign successfully for policy changes in the
P2P mailing list and wiki, at least not if the changes are threatening
to authority.  You might therefore concede that point to them.  It
appears (though I have not read all the posts) to be their biggest
concern.  So you could concede it willingly:

  * Will not advocate for above points in foundation forums, in any
    disruptive fashion, etc

I think a democratic deficit can only be addressed *separate* from the
administration in power, by voters/users taking matters into their own
hands.  This is what Votorola/coco-d is designed for, anyway.  But it
would take a lot of work ofc. (esp. as we only have protoypes) and the
results could only be realized slowly.

Right now, you appear to be in a power struggle, not a policy
struggle.  It may help to keep the two separate, and not let your
enemies conflate them, as that might work to your discredit.
Extricate yourself from the power struggle (or mitigate the damage
from it) and live to fight another day on the policy issues (fighting
them purely *as such*).

I'm not sure this is helpful.  Please call/skype if I misunderstand
anything.  Best wishes,

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521

PS - Tech point: this has nothing to do with "geurilla gardening".
> ****************************************
> Michel, the energy behind your threat is associated with my stated
> intentions to expel you from the board.  I said in private that I want to
> vote you off the board.  I don't see a problem with this intention.  This is
> how democracy works.
> To me, this is about democracy, and this is good.  Voting for and against a
> position or for a representative is a good thing.
> Maybe this is the subject we should talk about?
> If this was a democracy I would vote you off.
> I say I have a right to critique your use of authority and the decisions you
> make.
> I want users to have rights.  I want users to be represented on the board.
> I see democracy as an important part of a community.
> I have a right to contact others. I have a right to learn from their
> concerns and to share information with them.
> Each individual has the right to ignore me.
> *********
> Alex

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