BC/p/ginger - practise thread

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Thu Aug 12 07:15:17 EDT 2010

Alex and JAnne,

Thank you Alex!  (Alex does work on the economic side with
self-governing/self-producing cooperatives.  Lately, we've been
talking about decision cutoffs.)  There's a "binding resolution"
mechanism in my diff below, Alex.  Please check it out.  (Also,
there's room for more than two in this practice run.  I hope you can
join us!)

@JAnne: I added an item of environmental policy:

  Local consensus for projects of environmental impact:
  We believe that the people who are most affected by environmental
  impacts should be the ones making the development decisions...

What do you think?  Does it sound fair?
Michael Allan

Toronto, +1 647-436-4521

Alex Rollin wrote:
> I'd just like to say that this is quite possible the most organized, highly
> ethical evolutionary activity or program I have ever  been a part of and I
> am so proud to know you guys.
> Alex

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