Votorola System Manual

Michael Allan mike at
Fri Aug 6 20:49:47 EDT 2010

Hi JAnne,

Welcome to the list. The manual is out of date. We now call the sites
"areas".  Here are two "core areas" that correspond to sovereign

Also two sub-sovereign municipalities:

And the other areas are non-sovereign, I guess:

Michael Allan

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JAnne Davies wrote:
> Here`s what I love about a previous blueprint of the nascent or rather
> emergent votorola system so far; It`s that
> ``Core subnets form the administrative backbone of the system.`` and
> that,
>             ``A core subnet is composed of one or more core sites
>             that are interconnected to form a proper tree,
>             the structure of which mirrors the formal hierarchy of a
> sovereign jurisdiction,
>             in whole or part....``
> ......I love especially the ability of the system to mirror a
> sovereign jurisdiction!!!!!! Oh Yeah!
> Taken from:

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