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What passes for a town hall these days.

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Subject: [progressiveexchange] Progressive Majority Virtual Town Hall
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Progressive Majority is launching an online campaign to get voters
excited by the upcoming local and state elections in November. We're
focusing on 20 of our Progressive Champions who are all super heroes
in our books (or graphic novels, as it were).

Join in on the fun by participating in our weekly events:

*Every Thursday at 1:00 pm EDT we'll host a virtual town hall with our
candidates on BlogTalkRadio. They will answer your questions about
their campaigns, progressive issues and personal stories. RSVP for the
chats and get the link for the shows on our Facebook page:

*Every Tuesday and Thursday we'll highlight a new Progressive Champion
and their story on our Tumblr blog at Progressive
Champions:Interactive: http://progressivechampions.tumblr.com/. Share
your awesome videos, photos, articles on our amazing candidates to
show support for their campaigns.

You can also follow us on Twitter at @p_majority and watch candidate
videos on our YouTube Channel at:

We want to get Progressives excited again by showing just how amazing
and super our Farm Team is.

Signing off!

Aisha O'Brien
Online Organizer
Progressive Majority

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